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Condensing Units



RefComp products range includes, complete range of screw compressors, reciprocating semi-hermetic, hermetic and open compressors.

Semi-hermetic screw compressor from 20HP to 500HP and reciprocating compressor from 3HP to 160HP and application to standard and special working conditions.


The first known practical screw compressor was designed, built, and patented in the middle 1930’s by Svenska Rotor-Maskinner or SRM. SRM of Sweden still holds many screw compressor patents and grants licenses to manufacturers in all parts of the world.

Refrigerant screw compressors can be used under a wide range of varying conditions, such as for deep- and rapid-freezing applications, air conditioning and for water or brine chillers.

There are many other general fields of applications, in addition to those mentioned above, in which the screw compressor fulfils special requirements in limited fields. As in most cases, these requirements often involve large capacities and small bulk, long life, infrequent maintenance demands and reliable operations. And these are the main features of SRM screw compressors.

These compressors are designed for ammonia, freon and all other high pressure refrigerants.






Carel electronic expansion valves are designed to meet any cooling capacity requirements up to 2000 kW in air-conditioning and refrigeration applications, and stand out above all for their excellent flow control, even at lower flow-rates. Carel expansion valves have three main strengths: reliability over time, very precise control and perfect refrigerant tightness.



Dunan electronic expansion valves provide higher overall system efficiency and achieve rapid cooling, precise temperature control, low power consumption and they have compact structure.




ONDA is a leading company in Heat Exchangers. With the wide range of 19 different models of brazed heat exchangers, Onda has the answer to any application, either coming from the refrigeration field (evaporation and condensation of refrigeration gas from 3 to 850 tons) or the HVAC field for all heating-, sanitary water- and airconditioning applications.

Onda plate heat exchangers are manufactured from raw materials of the highest quality and produced in respect of the European Pressure Equipment Directive (P.E.D.).



Swep plate heat exchangers are designed to provide unparalleled performance with the lowest life-cycle cost. Choosing this exchangers for your next heating or cooling project will bring many benefits, including savings in space, energy, and maintenance.



Onda produces shell & tube heat exchangers for various fields: from the refrigeration field (evaporators and condensers suitable for different kinds of refrigerants such as R22, R134a, R410A, R407C, NH3) to industrial applications (oil cooling, etc.) Capacities from 10 to 10.000 kW.


A complete line of solutions for industrial heat recovery, refrigeration, and air conditioning.

Extremely wide range of standard configurations accessible via dedicated REshell calculation software: over 2,500 geometries for refrigeration and 10,000 for heat recovery.

Great flexibility in the customization of ad hoc projects and solutions.




The main applications of our liquid receivers are the storage of full charge of refrigerant in case of intervention on the plant and the absorbtion of the load variations system.

Liquid receivers RL and RL-V have a storage volumes varying from about 5 to 760 litres.

Liquid receivers up to 5000 litres are available on request

Two series are available:

– Horizontal liquid receivers RL.

– Vertical liquid receivers RL-V and RV.



GVN certified production range is available from 0,5 lt to 550 lt.

There is a possibility of manufacturing products of any desired diameter, length, in accordance to relevant standards.

Liquid receivers are manufactured in accordance with CE 97/23/EC directive.

Working pressures:

33 Bar / Freon

45 Bar / Co2

Available fluids: freon, ammonia and CO2.





The oil separators, installed on the compressor discharge line, guarantee the best separation between refrigerant and lubricating oil.

All refrigerants are suitable, provided they are compatible with materials used for


In case of ammonia (NH3) it’s recommended to select a two-stage vertical oil separator, with coalescent filters.

The oil separators are made of high quality carbon steel, in accordance with the requirements of the 97/23/EC Directive (P.E.D.).  




Filter driers are important equipment for refrigeration and air conditioning systems. They are designed to be used in suction line and liquid line. Filter driers are used to eliminate possible moisture, acid, and particles within the system and prevent malfunction due to these factors.

Available fluids: freon, ammonia and CO2.



It is used in liquid and suction pipeline in Freon refrigerating system. Filter drier Dunan is used to remove moisture and contamination from large capacity air conditioning and refrigeration systems.





TA/TAE series are used to regulate liquid refrigerant flow into evaporators with smaller capacities in refrigeration, heat pump, and air conditioning systems.

TI/TIE series is specially applied for cold storage, ice machines applications as well as air conditioners

TCE/TCBE series have been used in applications such as air conditioning system, heat pump, and chillers.

TCCE series is used in applications such as residential air conditioning systems, split systems, roof top units, heat pumps, light commercial air conditioning systems and chillers.

dunan3 dunan4




Thermokey offers products equipped with highly-efficient and low-noise fans.

Products range includes unit coolers (light cubic, commercial dual flow, industrial, radial, blast freezer and brine), dry coolers, condensers (microchannel, turbo line, turbo j)






Calpeda is a leading Italian manufacturer of electric water pumps, who offers a wide range of electric pumps for civil and industrial use, for domestic and residential application, for agriculture and irrigation.

Calpeda produces centrifugal pumps, circulation pumps, pumps used in swimming pools, deepwell pumps, submersible pumps, cantilever pumps and waste water installations.






CONTROLLI is the first company in Italy dealing with control equipment for plants and machinery in the Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration sector and it is still now the main Italian manufacturer of control valves and actuator for the HVAC sector. 

2 or 3 way valves with cast iron body and brass plug. Two-way and three-way valves can be used either for control or fluid detection in air-conditioning, thermoventilation and heating plants, both environmental and industrial, in machines for product thermal process.





Foris Index Srl is a modern company, specialising in the production of doors for cooling boxes for use in industrial and commercial sectors (supermarkets, dairies etc.). The use of these products can meet all thermal insulation needs, thanks to the different types of materials (polyurethane, mineral fibres, plastic or rubber) and the different thicknesses of the insulating material. On the market since 1964, Foris Index has become a market leader in cold preservation.



ULO oprema

Kompresor za komprimovani vazduh


Potreba za komprimovanim vazduhom se podmiruje vazdušnim kompresorom marke Kaeser. Kompresor je opremljen sušačem vazduha.

Model kompresora zavisi od kapaciteta nitrogeneratora.

Kompresor obezbeđuje vazduh pritiska 10bar koji se koristi za proizvodnju azota i rad pneumatskih ventila.




Nitrogenerator se sastoji od dve kolene napunjene aktivnim ugljem koji vezuje kiseonik prilikom prolaska komprimovanog vazduha kroz punjenje.

U toku rada, jedna kolona izdvaja azot iz komprimovanog vazduha dok se druga kolona regeneriše. Kada se kolona zasiti kiseonikom, proces izdvajanja azota se prebacuje u drugu kolona dok se zasićena regeneriše otpušanjem vezanog kiseonika.

Sastavni deo nitrogeneratora su i dva tanka za skladištenje komprimovanog vazduha odnosno azota.




Potreban nivo ugljen dioksida u komori se obezbeđuje prečišćavanjem atmosfere pomoću adsorbera.

Adsorber se sastoji iz dva tanka napunja aktivnim ugljem.

Kada postoji potreba za uklanjanjem ugljen dioksida iz komore, uključuje se ventilator koji atmosferu iz komore propušta kroz jedan od tankova sa aktivnim ugljem.

Kada se punjenje tanka zasiti ugljem dioksidom prečišćavanje se nastavlja u drugom tanku dok se prvi podvrgava regenerciji odnosno čišćenju od vezanog ugljen dioksida.

U sklopu adsorbera se nalazi i ventilator koji služi za doziranje kiseonika ukoliko njegov sadržaj padne ispod željene vrednosti.




Mesto gde se nalaze svi pneumatski ventili koji regulišu doziranje azota u komore odnosno prečišćavanje atmosfere iz komora od ugljen dioksida.


Sigurnosni ventil


Sigurnosni ventil služi u slučaju velike oscilacije u pritisku u komori.

Ventil se sastoji iz dve klapne i dva tega koji će se otvarati u slučaju da pritisak u komori varira više od 10mm vodenog stuba.


Kompenzujuće kese


Kompenzujuće kese služe za kompenzaciju pritiska koji se javlja prilikom uvođenja azota u komoru kao i drugim slučajevima kada može doći do pada odnosno povećanja pritiska u komori.


Upravljački deo

Radom svih uređaja upravlja program proizvođača opreme Fruit Control.