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About Us

Pollino Cold Storage System – As the name says, is highly specialized refrigeration company, for industrial as well as for all types of storage, in controlled atmosphere as well as in minus and plus degree regimes.

Pollino Cold Storage System is a part of Pollino Group, which consists of our sister companies: Pollino Plast and Pollino Agrar, which proves how much we are involved in agro business, especially in production of fruit and vegetables, packaging and their storage. Regarding storage, we are specialized, beside fruits and vege-tables, in keeping meat, milk processing, as well as designing and construction of distribution centers.

Our specialties are ULO/DCA cold storages and we represent Fruit Control Equipment company that is prac-tical world pioneer regarding controlled atmosphere ULO – DCA chamber in the field of fruit and vegetable.

When it comes to cooling, depending on the investor and type of the object, we have different cooling systems, starting with the installation of refrigerant in the primary circuit and the secondary glycol circuit till the ammonia installations. We represent reputable company for compressors Refcomp from Italy and SRMTec from Sweden who invented the screw compressor and to who today all houses pay a license for use in the manufacture of screw compressors, which are part of the group Snowman Co., LTD, which also makes the Zanotti S.p.a is also renowned producer of cooling system from Italy.

TURN-KEY projects (TURN-KEY DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION) are done on individual basis and are not copy / paste projects like some designers do it. Projects are done in the field of Agro Industry, starting from conceptual design, construction design as well as the technological process, mechanical projects (refrigeration system and controlled atmosphere system if the project is storage of fresh fruit and vegetables in plus degree regime, panels and cooling storage doors, as well as construction of all types of works, civil works, as well as machine works, including technology equipment.

After construction, we provide 24h/7 monitoring, guarantee on installed equipment, as well as consultations in the period of 12 months upon putting the cold storage into operation. Our technicians will be at your disposal regarding training and consultation in the field of storage regime of your fruits and vegetables, as well as what is kept. This is something that separates us from other companies in the sector cold storage system, because in our group we have the technologists, protection engineers and others, which can be of great use in advice, not just in the construction stage, but also for what comes later, which is also very important, if not more important than the choosing the type of equipment, which is support.