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Oil separators


The oil separators, installed on the compressor discharge line, guarantee the best separation between refrigerant and lubricating oil.

All refrigerants are suitable, provided they are compatible with materials used for


In case of ammonia (NH3) it’s recommended to select a two-stage vertical oil separator, with coalescent filters.

The oil separators are made of high quality carbon steel, in accordance with the requirements of the 97/23/EC Directive (P.E.D.).  




Filter driers are important equipment for refrigeration and air conditioning systems. They are designed to be used in suction line and liquid line. Filter driers are used to eliminate possible moisture, acid, and particles within the system and prevent malfunction due to these factors.

Available fluids: freon, ammonia and CO2.



Koristi se usisnom vodu i tečnoj liniji cevovoda u freonskim rashladnim sistemima. Filter sušač Dunan se koristi za uklanjanje vlage i nečistoća iz klima uređaja i rashladnih sistema velikih kapaciteta.