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RefComp products range includes, complete range of screw compressors, reciprocating semi-hermetic, hermetic and open compressors.

Semi-hermetic screw compressor from 20HP to 500HP and reciprocating compressor from 3HP to 160HP and application to standard and special working conditions


The first known practical screw compressor was designed, built, and patented in the middle 1930’s by Svenska Rotor-Maskinner or SRM. SRM of Sweden still holds many screw compressor patents and grants licenses to manufacturers in all parts of the world.

Refrigerant screw compressors can be used under a wide range of varying conditions, such as for deep- and rapid-freezing applications, air conditioning and for water or brine chillers.

There are many other general fields of applications, in addition to those mentioned above, in which the screw compressor fulfils special requirements in limited fields. As in most cases, these requirements often involve large capacities and small bulk, long life, infrequent maintenance demands and reliable operations. And these are the main features of SRM screw compressors.

These compressors are designed for ammonia, freon and all other high pressure refrigerants.